Esxence 2016: Gabriella Chieffo Leaves an Impression

After the interview our Managing Editor Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison had with Gabriella Chieffo about the upcoming launch of her new creation Maisìa, which took place during Esxence 2016, many of us who were planning on visiting  the exhibition were eager to find out what this “fiery” fragrance was really about, immediately intrigued by the powerful and vaguely witchy statement coming through the ad’s image (a naked woman who seems to emanate fire more than being burnt by it) and fascinated by the intense words chosen by Gabriella Chieffo herself to introduce her 2016 collection: “I want to celebrate a new concept of woman, brought to the limit, an invincible woman who challenges the darkness of the ignorance and of prejudice to face the devastating power of Love”.