HYSTERA 100 ml

Gabriella Chieffo

€ 150,00


Born in the depths of the soul, a hollow soul that fills with the flow of life. It is pain and birth, union and separation, melding and tearing, and heartrending love that creates and continues its own self, giving new meaning. It is breathing and screaming that flows through the senses. It is the contradiction of someone who is one, but can become two, no longer being solitude. 

A fragrance that evokes the contrast of life, harmonious in its non-interlocking corners, explained in the balance of existence itself. Man as a material that shapes itself in the fulfillment of an insidious game of which no rules or prizes are known, but that is there ready to seize life as raw and stark as it presents itself. 

And then it starts again…and all the vital energy unleashes its sweet pungent fragrance.

Olfactory Pyramid

Head: Bergamot, clary sage

Heart: Iris

Background: Vanilla, Patchouli, labdano, cashmere wood



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