Scents and Sensibilities: A Few Highlights From Pitti Fragranze

[...]One of the most courageous incarnations of this idea is Gabriella Chieffo's Ragù and Variazione di Ragù, two scents the Italian perfumer calls "olfactory provocations" inspired by that Sunday meat sauce that Italians love so much, the ragù. In a traditional Italian home, particularly in the south, the sauce would be simmering for at least a day, wafting throughout the home and changing as it intensifies. Add to that the token smell of cigarette smoke, the various colognes and perfumes worn by the family members who come in and out before the midday banquet, the wine uncorked, the scent of wood from the furniture, maybe even a little sprinkle of dusty wax and you get the idea of what Ragù -- the perfume -- smells like. It's a powerful concept this idea of reinventing smells we think we are accustomed to and love, to extract from them scents we can proudly wear as our signature perfume.